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A Nice Picture of Bill. To sign the Old Dub's Guest Book, click on either green button with the thumb on it Sign me up! This comment page was started: Sun Sep 24 2000:

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Name: Alfred hammer
City: Connecticut
Homepage: HTTP://
Found us by: Other means
Comment: Happy New Year, Bill! leaving a comment here is harder than applying for a loan. May 2013 be a prosperous year.

Signed on: Tue Jan 01 13:16:17 2013
NOTE: You're the first to sign in again this year. Thanks pal. Here's wishing you a great year for 2013. Music on the charts this year for sure.

Signed on: Wen Jan 02 5:42:05 2013
Webmaster   The Old Dub

Name: Jen Hammer Cardenas
City: Naples, Florida
Didn't leave a comment.

Signed on: Sun Jan 13 14:35:49 2013
NOTE: Thanks for signing in Jen. I was expecting a wacky comment. Oh well!

Signed on: Wen Jan 16 08:59:20 2013
Webmaster   The Old Dub

Name: Carl Claunch
City: earth
Homepage: HTTP://
Found us by: Using Google or other search engine
Comment: Agree with Al, if this posts it is fourth try over course of a month. Witticisms were on the first couple of attempts, at this point it seems futile to write clever things that will just be dumped in the bit bucket.

Signed on: Mon Jan 28 07:07:52 2013
Imagine if you will, finding ten's of thousands of robot-generated messages and trying to sort the good from the bad. Many with embedded links to unsavory, "Piggy," web-sites. That's why there is the HUMAN test. Forget to type in HUMAN and your message goes off into the ether. Amazingly with this simple trick robots no longer even try to get in.

Signed on: Wen Jan 29 5:05:29 2013
Webmaster   The Old Dub

Name: Dave Cardosi
City: Acton MA
Found us by: Other means
Comment: After reading how difficult it was to comment, I just had to post! It does seem a little overly secure, but I would expect nothing less from you Bill, the computer geek then and now.

Signed on: Sat Mar 09 10:56:53 2013
NOTE: Thanks for signing in Dave. The Old Dub is always trying to stay on top of security issues. It wasn't that hard to leave a message. You did it and with great success. Nice to see the posting.

Signed on: Sat Mar 09 11:56:50 2013
Webmaster   The Old Dub