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Started: Sun Sep 24 2000 Viewed:
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Name: James J. Giordano/jimmyg
City: Wasilla, Alaska
Homepage: HTTP://
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: goodpage

Signed on: Tue Feb 01 21:05:28 2005
Name: Scott Stoner
City: Portsmouth nh
Found us by: Dumb luck
Comment: Yes, what is this supposed to do for Me ?

Signed on: Tue May 10 17:25:54 2005
Name: Euo Jung
City: Yeoksam-dong, SEOUL 135-987
Found us by: Following this link:
Comment: These are the best diagnostics I've ever seen.Salut

Signed on: Thu Jun 02 12:42:51 2005
Name: Jerry Springer
E-mail: readme@drmemory
City: the shadows
Homepage: HTTP://
Found us by: Other means
Comment: Follow the (yellow) rubber line.

Signed on: Fri Jun 10 10:02:47 2005