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Name: Lou Parente
E-mail: loup@greennet.net
City: Malden, MA
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: I would say a lot but I am busy working on my base tan so I don't burn in Jah, mon. See ya soon at FL350.

Signed on: Sat Jan 13 12:47:15 2001
Name: vijay varanasi
E-mail: vijaydad@aol.com
City: hudson,nh
Found us by: Other means
Comment: good page will vist again.

Signed on: Tue Jan 16 21:40:48 2001
Name: RAD²
E-mail: radsquared@aol.com
City: The World Wide Web
Homepage: HTTP://members.aol.com/radsquared/
Found us by: Using WebCrawler or other search engine
Comment: Take a look at our page and see what we offer!

Signed on: Sat Feb 24 09:13:43 2001
Name: Valley of Boston
No e-mail address given.
City: Boston
Found us by: Other means
Comment: You'll need Java script to view this page

Signed on: Sun Apr 22 09:06:46 2001
Name: William Manning
E-mail: wmanning@awod.com
City: Charleston SC
Homepage: HTTP://
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: Need a password

Signed on: Mon Jun 04 20:14:49 2001
Name: Joe Dustin
E-mail: jd7468@alpha.rwu.edu
City: Hellrose
Homepage: HTTP://www.gis.net/~mdustin
Found us by: Dumb luck
Comment: Wow!! These buttons are so cool!! Your never cease to amaze me!

Signed on: Tue Jun 05 07:41:40 2001
Name: Allison Siverly
E-mail: allisonsiverly
City: Pearland, Tx
No homepage given.
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: I like to come here and see pictures of The Bea!

Signed on: Mon Jun 11 20:38:04 2001
Name: Robert Butt
E-mail: rjbmicmack@aol.com
City: Melrose
Homepage: http://was.kewlhair.com/RobertButt/
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: thanks

Signed on: Tue Jun 19 10:44:33 2001
Name: Håkan Hjort
E-mail: d95hjort@dtek.chalmers.se
City: Ogleland
Homepage: HTTP://d95hjort@dtek.chalmers.se
Found us by: Word of mouth
Comment: Who is James Rogers?

Signed on: Sun Jul 15 14:09:34 2001