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The Old Dub


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"The Old Dub" refers to the old knight or old master. It's from Middle English dubben, Old English dubbian, perhaps even Old French aduber. To Dub is to Dignify: confer knighthood, to give one the accolade. In this case, "The Old Dub" refers to me.

I stick mostly to traditional HTML format for my web page construction and dabble in Javascript. This HTML page was created by me using a text editor I wrote many years ago. You can download it by clicking on the Download
Most of the artwork and design you see here are my own creations. Let me know what you think by clicking on the Make your comment

I do update this web site, so links and files may move. It's best to bookmark the home page for consistent access to all the information and links. Materials found here may be in a state of flux. That's just the way it is.