About These Video Pages

The "Latest" Video Page contains the latest videos that have been sent to me by my pals. Items stored in the “Latest” directory will stay there for only a short while until they are moved into the permanent video directory one level up on the server. Since the “Latest” directory location is only a temporary home, making any direct links to videos found there isn't a great idea. Once they've moved to permanent storage your links won’t work any more. You'll still be able to find them in the "Videos" directory with all the other videos that we’ve decided to keep. The main “Videos” directory is protected from direct links.

If you're interested in why we set things up this way, See: About AntiLeech Software.

Here's a little Hint: To share one of these cool videos with a friend and avoid any problems, send them the name of the video and the URL of the video list: (http://TheOldDub.com/videos/) and not the URL of a particular video. Sending the directory link will also allow them to see other videos of interest.

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