Clean Solution to All the

Energy Problems in the USA

This is more about Energy than Dooms Day itís a thought on a solution to all our energy problems here in the good ole USA.

Some simple facts

  • Itís no secret that we here in the USA are in an energy bind having a large dependence on external sources of energy.
  • We know that GM, Honda, Mercedes and many other car manufactures are investigating clean hydrogen powered vehicles.
  • Electrical energy produced through OIL, Nuclear, Coal and other methods are not free from pollution and contribute to polution and possibly even the dreaded scourge of    "Global Warming."
  • We know there is a huge source of untapped energy under Yellowstone that has the potential to destroy much of the northern hemisphere.
    (see: Super Volcano)

Let me explain this in simple terms that anyone should be able to understand. There is a large puddle of liquid energy in the middle of the country under Yellowstone National Park. When it erupts about every 650 to 800 thousand years. It shoots lava 15 to 30 miles high into the atmosphere. The last time it erupted was slightly over 650 thousand years ago. We may or may not be due for a major eruption. This is not science fiction but scientific fact. The energy is in the form of lava under a caldera contains under tremendous pressure and temperature with dissolved gases. When there is a large break in the crust of the earth the lava will shoot out like the liquid in a shaken up soda bottle due to the dissolved gases. Anyone that has opened up a soda bottle knows what I'm talking about. If we release the pressure from a soda bottle slowly there is no spray of soda and soda does not shoot out of the bottle. OK, This is scary stuff. But it doesnít need to ever happen. This is an energy system. When the energy under the ground reaches a certain amount, POP, it will go off. Tap off the energy for constructive purposes and no problem. The problem is how do we tap off the energy and what do we do with it?

If we think of this a an energy system with massive amounts of energy locked under the ground as heat that can be used to power the country and forget about all the dooms day potential it makes good sense to tap the energy for no other reason than itís there. If it delays or completely halts any possible volcanic eruption thatís even better.

We can tap into this energy source and drain it off as steam to power electric turbines. We can look to the Icelander for technological help unless weíre too proud or stupid. Yes it can be done and has, just not here. With the massive amount of electrical energy that would be available we could for example convert water H≤O into hydorgen to power all cars in the furure, set up eclectic-static air scrubbers to clean up the air and lots more. We would have esentially free unlimited electrical power available in abundance. We could distribute the power to due whatever we desired using the existing electrical grid. The benefits are innumerable.

There are many that know about the problem since I first proposed this idea some ten years ago. Some have developed reasons why we can't develop the technology to make it a reality. They say for example,

There is little mankind could do about it. Drilling into the magma chamber to release pressure, as some have suggested, would be impractical and ineffective. The material in the chamber has the consistency of a sponge and any "hole" opened up to the surface would quickly seal as the molten rock crept up and cooled.

This comes from the "No solutions" group. They are the people throughout history that always say it canít be done. Of course theyíre right, man canít fly, man canít go to the moon, we canít do these things theyíre impossible. Itís just too hard to comprehend a solution.

It seems like a no brainier to me. We either use the energy and deplete the pressure build-up or sometime in the future, no one knows when, many will die. Every serious scientist agrees that eventually it will erupt, just not when. That's not really my point anyway. Not taking advantage of all this free and abundent energy resource at our disposal and doing nothing about it but trying to predict the time of the eruption just seems like stupidity to me. I really don't care as much about preventing the eruption as I do tapping into all the free wasted energy.

Just think about all that clean wasted energy and what we could do with it.

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Idea first posted June 1996
Format updated August 2004, June 2005
Content refined Sept 2006