"Soon Come"

A day at Alfie's on the Beach in Negril Jamaica.

Day at the beach.

This is my friend Charlie and I enjoying a day at the beach.  I'm the one on the left.

 The entire crew  
This is the crew of friends that I went to Negril Jamaica with.   From left to right George, Danny, Edie, Dick and myself.

The rest of the Crew.From left to right, The back of Eddy's head, Gerry, Wilbur, Ricky and Charlie.

This is the Bartender at Alfie's and the lovely lady that served us.  In case your interested that's Coconut rum he has in his hand. Coconut rum is really tasty.

Elcipes of the sunWhile we were there we got a chance to see the eclipse of the sun. This doesn't happen very often. Howard, "A great scientist" knows all the facts.

Viewing the eclipes  On the left Dick, Howard, me (Looking), Charlie (looking), Danny in the background and Jerry's back.

Paul and the BandThis is Paul and the band. Paul took most of the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this.  I posted this mainly for my friends and others that might be interested.

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