Quickly Check Your Intelligence Level.

In order to get an accurate reading you need to honestly answer the questions.
Remember: This will work only if you are honest about it.

Instructions: It's what you are. It's not what you wish you were. Don't let personality blind objectivity when answering the questions.

Answers are numeric and are: 5 All the time
4 often
3 once in a while
2 seldom
1 once in a life time
0 never

A few questions: 0 1 2 3 4 5
  • You build, fabricate, or assemble some kind of project.
  • Youíre the type of person that can make anything work.
  • You find yourself engaged in breaking down complex problems.
  • You dream about things that others seem to ignore.
  • You don't use a calculator but work the numbers.
  • You use your mental xray-vision to analyze a problem.
  • You recognize a personís face.
  • You get lost or canít find your car in a parking lot.
  • You dream about how to change the nature of the universe.
  • You write complex descriptions of your work finished or in progress.
  • You know everyone by name.
  • You speak in a language other than your native tongue.
  • You refer to the manual for information.
  • You dream in color.
  • You are alone.
  • You play interactive video games.
  • You work out.
  • You find yourself planning and cooking dinner.
  • You break problems you work on into separate functions.
  • You eat healthy food, even if it tastes bad.