Friends and Favorites 

Letters and photos from
Charlie's Trip across the USA
and lots more.
Letters from my pal Charlie Ricky Bergstrom
(Bugs) and friends
(19 Feb 1948 - 19 May 2006)
Rick's Photo's 2006
My ole pal Bob Butt
(The Eskimo) & friends
( 17 Jan 1933 - 27 Oct 2002)
Robert Butt My tall friend
Gil's Naturism Area.
It's not what you think.
Gil is over six feet tall.
Jim G's Last Frontier
Native Art of Alaska.
( 17 Jul 1947-30 Mar 2022)
Jim Giordano. Some of Etsuko's
photos she's sharing.
Etsuko's Photos
George at Laguna Seca 2005.
(8 Sept 1951 - 23 Sept 2022)
George at Laguna Seca 2005 Jack Stewart's
Photo Space
(22 Nov 1933-24 May 2022)
Jack Stewart's Space

A Couple of my Favorite Songs

Jimmy Durante's
'As Time Goes By'
is a favorite.
Jimmy Durante -  As Time Goes By "Rivers of Babylon"
Lyrics ~ Music
A song I just seem to like

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