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Nature of Haggling

7 Principals of Haggling

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Preface (Back)

Many assume that the best that can be is to accept that what they are told without any question or even random possible doubt. To dispel that ignominies thought of utter disillusionment would be a delightful jubilance. To that better end these thoughts are now set free to engage the enlightened mind of those brave souls that dare to venture forth the investment of their time.

Nature of Haggling (Back)

The nature of Haggling and the human species is to always disagree over the exchange of almost anything. Seldom will one individual or group give to another individual or group with no thought of just compensation.

Since the dawn of recorded history the generation that now lives on the North American continent in the late 1990ís must be the first to have experienced the genuine dishonesty of life without the pleasure of simple haggling. Every other country almost without exception are bound to the ancient traditions of the noble art of haggling. Lack of true haggling skills puts each and everyone at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with persons of remote or distant origins.

However; Haggling taken to the extreme is no longer haggling but a locust of lawyers. Haggling is not the argument of the lawyer rather the jousting of equals over the price of a rug. Haggling should always be a pleasurable experience.

Occasionally; It takes longer for the haggler to finish the transaction than the non-haggler. This is because haggling requires an investment of time for the good of the transaction. All hagglers feel that they are in control of the bargaining process. The truth is the more knowledgeable haggler always has the upper hand in any deal making. A non-haggler is thus obviously at serious disadvantage when negotiating with a haggler.

7 Principals of Haggling (Back)

The rules of haggling are those of common sense. The basic premise of haggling is that of fairness and equity to both parties. That is why the first rule of Haggling is to be fair and never take undo advantage of your opponent.

  1. Be Fair in your dealings. If a bargain seems fair to you, it probably is. You need to feel comfortable with the outcome of the haggle.
  2. Donít get involved in Greedy Deals. Greedy deals are never fair. They violate rule number 1. If the deal looks to good to be true, itís a greedy deal.
  3. A deadly sin is vanity. Be wary of the pat on the back. If you are made to feel to comfortable or important check on rules 1 and 2.
  4. Always be prepared to walk away. Continued haggling may not be worth the effort. To the true Haggle, even time has value.
  5. You must be the judge of your effort. Donít be impressed by the presence of others. They donít have to live with your mistakes.
  6. Be an informed haggler. Spend the time to research the goods before you begin. A lack of the facts can quickly cloud your perception of fairness. Misinformation or no information allows the unscrupulous to take advantage of you.
  7. You must always abide by the outcome of your Haggle. Recanting a haggle violates the basic premise of haggling and makes you unscrupulous.