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A highly experienced senior software engineer with demonstrated ability to conceive, document and implement manual and automated tests, test plans and test procedures. Through team building with customer support and software development I help devise methods to isolate, analyze, and diagnose problems and find innovative approaches to testing and verification. I bring a wealth of test methodology know-how combined with a passion for working closely with peers and developers to uncover problems and find effective solutions. My goal is to help an organization 1) expand test coverage, 2) meet schedule requirements, 3) improve the quality and performance of our product and 4) expand its automation technology base.

Skills and Accomplishments

Software Languages And Protocols Hardware

Managerial Experience


Senior Facilities Manager, 1997-present

Assistant Facilities Manager, 1993-1996


Collaborate with the board to forcast the budget and administer the annual operating budget. Analyse the needs of the facility and develop, implement and enforce new policies, and procedures to enhance quality, control cost and improve safety within the facility. Supervise the assistant facilities manager and contractors.


Professional Experience

Omni Marketing, Rockland, MA April 2002 - Present

Developer of Automated Telephone systems for lead generation for Marketing and Sales support

Customer Service Assistant

Wildfire Corporation, Waltham, MA June 2001 - January 2002

Developer of Automated Telephone Assistant systems software

Principal Engineer

3Com Corporation, Marlboro, MA June 1999 - May 2001

Developer of Remote Access Server hardware and software.

Software Engineer

BBN CORP., Cambridge, MA December 1996-June 1999

Developer of advanced wired and wireless networks, speech recognition systems and acoustic systems for industry and defense.

Software Quality Engineer

SEQUOIA SYSTEMS, INC., Marlboro, MA June 94-Sept 96

Manufacturer and supplier of fault tolerant and high availability Unix based systems.

Product Assurance Engineer


A startup company specializing in high speed PC networking over serial and parallel ports


Tested Remote Access Disk Drive(RAD2) software user interface and performed document review and verification of the users guide

MICROCOM, INC., Norwood, MA August 93- Feb 94

A manufacturer of modems, routers and Lan Access hardware and software.

Senior Engineer

CAYMAN SYSTEMS, INC., Cambridge, MA September 92-March 93

A manufacturer of "Gator" brand LocalTalk to Ethernet & Ethernet to Ethernet routers and Unix to AppleTalk print and file servers.

Senior Engineer

MOTOROLA CODEX, Canton, MA February 88-January 92

A manufacturer of data communications and network management systems.

Senior Engineer



Quality Assurance Boston Computer School

PERL In house Training Program

Advanced C, Integrated Computer Systems, Inc.

Windows NT Workstation and NT Server In house Training Program

Basic Project Management & Time Management Worcester Polytechnic Institute


B.S. Hobart College, Geneva, NY Major: Biology Minor: Computer Science